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Methyl Acrylate


We are a major distributor of Methyl Acrylate for Eastern and Western Europe, but with excellent opportunities for export outside of Europe.

Description and uses

Reactive with other monomers and imparting strength and durability to acrylic copolymers, methyl acrylate is a useful monomer for a variety of applications, including coatings for leather, paper, floor coverings and textiles. Resins containing this monomer can also be formulated as elastomers, adhesives, thickeners, amphoteric surfactants, fibers and plastics. Methyl Acrylate is also used in production of monomers used to make water treatment materials and in chemical synthesis.


Adhesives | Amphoteric surfactants | Coatings, floor coverings | Coatings, leather | Coatings, paper | Coatings, textiles | Elastomers | Plastics | Thickeners | Water treatment

Safety information

Detailed safety information is contained in each material data safety sheet, which can be obtained from our sales offices.

Product details

Product group ---
Synonym product Akrylan Metylu, Metil Akrilat, Acrilat de Metil, Methyl akrylát, Metylakrylat, Metyyliakrylaatti, Acrylate de Methyle, Acrilato de Metilo
Package Bulk
Packed Materials
Statistics number 2916-12-10(-00)
Cas number 96-33-3
Cus number 19893
EC number 202-500-6
RID/ADR number 3/3b
UN number 1919

Physical properties

Appearance Colourless liquid
Specific gravity at 20°C/20°C 0.956
Molecular weight 86
Boiling point °C (760 mmHg) 80.3
Freezing point °C -75
Refractive index (Nd 25°C) 1.404
Viscosity C.P.S. (25°C) 0.503
Specific heat Cal/g°C (20-30°C) 0.47
Heat of Polymerization kcal/ml 19 - 20
Latent heat of vaporization kcal\mol 7.9 (+/- 0.4)
Flash point closed cup °C -3
Flash point open cup °C 2


ECEM provides a full range of related products used in the production of adhesives, acrylic resins, paints & lacquers. Please contact us for information about our specialty products.

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